Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time for Spring Fling

It’s Saturday in Bloomfield and the Inn is full. Selena and I just finished cleaning up from breakfast, and all our guests have left for their own adventures today. Ashley is cleaning our guest rooms, so I’m taking a few minutes to tell you more about Bloomfield and some of its good people.

Spring time brings out the best in our gardens as they begin to bloom in a riot of colors. Libby Birdwell trimmed her roses in February and now they are bursting with blooms and buds in all my favorite colors of red, pink,  and yellow, but she has a lavender rose bush that is the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen.

 Here’s a picture of a spot in my own garden out back. I love to sit and swing and read when the weather is nice. Wish I had time now, but we have a special event going on this evening.

 It's Winnie Simpson's birthday and Selena and I are giving her a party. I'd tell you how old she is, but if I did, I might not be around for another post about our town. I'll be using a few of the dishes from the menu on our last post. The Cherry Cheesecake is Winnie's favorite along with a few other desserts. Helen, at the bakery, is making the birthday cake and will bring it over later this afternoon. 

It’s also time for our Spring Fling and the annual garden contest. We have the cutest little gnome named Gnorman who holds the trophy. I mentioned him in an earlier post, and here’s his picture. He’s a cute little fellow, but when he went missing, we had a wild chase on our hands to find him.

Amber, who owns our craft store and makes all kinds of pretty ornaments for our gardens, was in charge of getting him to the event with the trophy, but suddenly he disappeared. Amber elicited the help of Stan, who owns a car repair shop, to help her find Gnorman. That little statue led them both on a merry little adventure. He ended up in gardens all over town where he left clues for the hunt, but just when Amber and Stan thought they had him, he disappeared and once again they followed the trail.

Why Gnorman disappeared and what happens with Amber and Stan makes for a great story, full of fun and surprises in Take the Trophy and Run, another Bloomfield book by Gail Sattler.  

Don't forget our give away for April is a box of goodies from our tea room and the bakery. So please leave a comment and there's still time for me to send you a copy of any recipe from our menu that you would like. 

See you next week with more tales from Bloomfield.


  1. Your Bloomfield blog makes me smile...I love the feel of it, the intro to the characters and the books, and everything about it. Good job!!

  2. Martha, the book sounds like so much fun!

  3. I love this blog. I find it very fascinating and will continue following it. We have a Tea Room in our town and I love going. I love the people you write about. Cheryl Salinas. Email