Saturday, April 27, 2013

News and Tidbits

It’s another Saturday in Bloomfield, and the Inn is full. Mayor Hansen would really like for visitors to our town to decide they like it well enough to come here and live. He’s been trying to get our population up over 10,000 for years, well, ever since he came into office. Seems like just about the time we get a few babies born or a new family in town, someone passes on or a family moves away. So, we’re always hovering just below that mark by anywhere from ten to fifty people.

Mayor Hansen loves our town and wants what’s best for it. My great-grandparents help found this town, so I have a great interest in keeping it a great place to live. I told you last week about their home, Founder’s Cottage. It sits in the middle of town where it was when my grandparents donated it to the city in their will. It’s on the courthouse property and the gardens around it are the responsibility of our garden club. It's a small house, but well kept by the city and the garden club. 

We’ve applied for it be registered as a National Historic Site, but haven’t heard anything about whether it’ll be accepted or not. I sure hope it gets approved. That would make my family very happy and proud.

Lynn Myers did move back to town, and from what I’ve heard, she does plan to stay and live in her brother’s house. It’ll need some work, but it can be a very pretty place once again. Her daughter, Rachel came with her, and it’ll be nice to have them here. Of course, the mayor is thrilled so he can add two more to our population. He likes to go out to the edge of town and change the numbers when they go up, but he sure hates it when he as to lower them again. Soon as Lynn and Rachel have time to come in for a visit here in the tea room, I plan to sit down and have a long talk with Lynn. It’s been awhile since her last visit, and we have some catching up to do.  

Our Spring Fling was a roaring success this year. I told you about Gnorman disappearing, and that was about the most exciting thing in Bloomfield until Andy’s bird got loose and flew all over town with the whole town chasing after him.

Remember, you can read all about these events and characters in our Bloomfield books.

The roses behind the Founder’s Cottage are blooming in full force. We have yellow, red, pink, peach and every variegated color you can imagine. This is my favorite pink bush and the other picture shows several bushes in full bloom.

 All our spring flowers are also in full bloom like I mentioned before and of course all the members of the garden club have their yards in tip top condition since we just ended Spring Fling.

So far Debby Mayne, Gail Sattler, and Kathi Macias have Bloomfield books available. You can find them by clicking on their names on the right and going to their websites.

What's in your garden this year? Tell us about it with your comments and be in the running for the goody box from the Pink Geranium Tea Room and Helen's Bakery. Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you after the drawing on May 1. If you want an extra entry, be sure to follow us.


  1. This is Lynn Myers, checking in. It's so good to be back in Bloomfield! And my daughter, Rachel, is settling in like she's lived here all her life. Looking forward to spending time with you all again as we get re-acquainted!

  2. I like the mayor's idea. I'd love to move to Bloomfield! It reminds me of the small city where I attended school. Makes me a bit homesick! The flowers are beautiful! My own are just now beginning to peek through the ground after a very heavy winter. My Hellebores have been surprising me with lots of blooms, and all of my perennials will soon make an appearance. My rose bushes are sprouting new growth. I'm reading for a cup of Earl Grey tea in the Pink Geranium Tea Room, and a small treat from Helen's Bakery. Thank you for inviting us to Bloomfield, a town that lives in my heart!
    (I'm a follower of this blog)

  3. I loved "Last Chance for Justice" -- read it straight through! My garden has pansies, raspberries, blueberries, Knock Out roses and a new bird bath. It would be delight to receive a goody box from the Pink Geranium Tea Room and Helen's Bakery to enjoy as I sit outside by my little garden! I look forward to reading more books in the Bloomfield series. (

  4. Oh - I am intrigued! I just popped over here from Kathi's Facebook post and I'm going to hang out a bit! Put me in for the drawing - I'm a new follower, too! LOVE this.

    Becky Doughty
    becky (at) beckydoughty (dot) com

  5. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. I can't say I've ever been to Bloomfield, but it sounds like a quaint little town. I don't really have a garden, but my butterfly bushes in my flower beds are starting to come back up after my husband trimmed them all the way down to the ground at the end of winter. I really enjoy them in the summer with the butterflies flying around my front porch. I would love to win the gift box and experience a little bit of your hometown.
    Deborah H. Bateman - Author

  6. Kristen Young is the winner of our goodie box from the tea room and bakery. Congratulations, Kristen. I'll contact you by email.