Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bloomfield, USA

Hello, I’m glad you decided to stop by for a visit. Come on in for glass of sweet tea and sit a spell. My name is Caroline Short and I live in Bloomfield. Our town is Anytown, Anywhere, USA. Everyone knows everyone else and Mayor Woody Hansen’s main goal is to top our population at 10,000 citizens. The only problem is that as soon as some move back, or we have a few babies, that many die or move away.
Come along today as I introduce you to a few of our good people who make up our town. First, you need to know that the Bloomfield Garden Club is the oldest organization around, and the ladies of the club pretty much have a say-so in everything that happens around town.

Don’t put it past the ladies to do a little matchmaking while they’re at it. Doesn’t matter if the two have known each other since childhood or have just met, if the ladies want the two to be together, some scheme or plan will get them together.

Case in point is a young couple who belonged together from the start, but they were too blinded to see each other as anything but friends. Amber is our crafty lady with a shop where she makes things we ladies buy to pretty up our gardens, and Stan owns the auto repair shop. We hatched a plot that would make your head swim. You can read all about it in Take the Trophy and Run. What a hilarious adventure that was. Poor Gnorman the garden gnome who holds our trophy will never be the same. For that matter, Amber and Stan won't either.
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Naomi McCord, bless her heart, is pushing eighty, but she isn’t one to let grass grow under her feet when she’s in the matchmaking mode. Just ask Sherry who owns the card shop about that. Of course, I have to agree with Naomi about one thing. Sherry did a need to make a few changes in her life to get out the rut she’d fallen into. Brad Henderson needed a nudge, too, but Naomi all but turned it into a shove from a rooftop.  Read all about Naomi’s meddling in Waiting for a View.

We have everything anyone might need to help make our town a place where people will want to live. We have good doctors, good lawyers, a wonderful church or two or three, grand old homes with gorgeous gardens, craft store, book store, bank, pet shop, bakery, newspaper, a funeral home and cemetery, even a Dollar Store, and of course nice parks with one set aside for animals.

I own the Olde Town Inn and the Pink Geranium Tea Room. I’ve lived here all my life and married my high school sweetheart. God needed Clint in Heaven, so that’s where he’s been the past few years. I sure do miss him, but things around the inn and the tea room keep me busy.

Oh, my, Winnie Simpson and Libby Birdwell are on their way into the tea room. I better run out and meet those two before Winnie says something that’ll rile up Libby or one of the other patrons. Sometimes, I’d like to tape Winnie’s mouth closed, but then that’s a story for another day. I hope you’ll be back next week for more about Bloomfield. I have lots of stories to tell you and many wonderful people for you to meet.

Thanks again for stopping by. Bloomfield is a new series written by eight authors and published by B&H. In the weeks ahead you’ll meet each of the authors and learn more about their books and their characters. Today’s books were written by Debby Mayne and Gail Sattler. 

We'd love to hear your comments and what you think about Bloomfield. We strive to please and want everyone to like our town. 


  1. Hi Caroline, I love the description of Bloomfield as well as your friends, and look forward to hearing more. Sounds like a place I'd love to visit someday!

  2. I'll meet you in the Pink Geramium Tea Room for a cup of Earl Grey and a Scottish shortbread cookie, please.

  3. I loved getting to know the residents in "Take the Trophy and Run" and can't wait to revisit your lovely town in the next book :)

  4. Martha, I love this new Bloomfield blog! And Miralee and Nancee, so good to see both of you here. I will plan to pop in often. Blessings!

  5. This sounds like such a great community:) Will enjoy following your posts.


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    Shirley Blanchard